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Benedict Cumerbatch wasn’t cast to voice Smaug the Dragon. He was cast to play Smaug. Cumberbatch was very delighted to revert back to his reptillian form for this role.

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if someone is mean to you, don’t be mean back. talk to them, get to know them, be good friends, find out all the kinds of books/movies/tv series they love

then spoil it


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Northern Downpour - Panic at the Disco 

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we’re able to love our pets, our family, our friends, our sports, and our possessions, but when will we be able to love ourselves?

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what do you mean this didn’t happen

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do you think when johnny depp agrees to be in a movie with a different director he goes home at night and tim burton is just there with his face pressed against the window and johnny has to close the curtains to avoid feeling guilty

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